About us

Hans Benkert

CEO / General management
phone 1-417–883 9939

Whether you need cable, rope insertion of pull over stockings or even Overhead cable stockings – rupi has the perfect cable stocking for your cable laying project. And of course also the matching accessories for practical work.

Since 1966 rupi has been accumulating expertise and experience with the manufacture of cable stockings. And as specialized application engineers we know how important precise and safe workmanship needs to be. That is why all our cable stockings are hand-woven!
Safety through handwork.

Work you can rely on.

rupi can guarantee triple safety, and for years our customer have been relying on this safety.

rupi – quality based on tradition.

We offer state of the art technology, maximum safety, and not only in our standard product range, available on call. There are also custom-made special stockings, such as special application stockings manufactured for heavy duty application with extreme loads to impress and convince you.

We do not stop there: in the past and in the future rupi is constantly looking for and researching improvements and innovations to make your work easier and safer.

For a successful future.

rupi - Cologne